How You Can Make Money From Your Blog


Is your blog getting some traffic to it and you are looking to convert that into money? Read on to see a few ways you can start turning your hard work into real rewards for yourself. However, if you are concerned about turning people off your blog by trying to make money from it, you shouldn’t worry. Those that really like your content will be happy enough that you are making money. Readers need to see this as a positive, and realise the potential that monetisation brings to a creator.

Run Ads On Your Blog

Ads on your blog can help you make a tidy amount of money if you have enough traffic coming to your website. Therefore, you can get companies and businesses related to your niche to advertise on your website. Ad space is easily added to a site, and even the most basic blogs allow for ad space.

Running ads on your site can make you a lot of money by advertising to a targeted niche. Know your value to a potential client, so do not be afraid to ask for cash up front.

Sponsored Reviews

No matter what niche you are operating in, someone will have a business that sells something in that area. Businesses will want these items reviewed in a positive light to both spread the word of their products and show how good they are. Make contact with these companies to see what they can offer you in terms of payment for a review.

There are two ways to monetising reviews. The company can pay you with cash or the product itself. This kind of monetisation is of course good for you, but it is good for your reviewers too. They get to learn about great new products and maybe offer them discounts too. Speak with the company to arrange this for your users.

Monetise With Google Adsense

AdSense is a common and easy way for you to users to make money from their websites and blogs. To make it actually worthwhile you do need to get a lot of traffic coming to your website and blog. This may not be the option for you, and other options could have much bigger and better payoffs.

Blog Guest Posts

Blog guest posts are when you let a third party post on your website and this post directs readers to their website. These posts are against Google’s terms of service, but are very common and can be very profitable if you have a quality website. The risk is they may link to some very poor quality websites and damage your rankings.

Websites associated with gambling or porn are looked down upon by Google, this means you have to very aware of where your website is pointing to. This is simply avoided by only working with other reputable websites or businesses.

Get Paid to Create Content

If your work is good enough, your readers may pay you to create it. Using the likes of Patreon or Buy Me A Coffee let your readers give you donations and support your creation.

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