Local SEO – How You Can Be The Local Number 1

local seo

Read our guide on what you can do to boss the local SEO in your area. See how you can improve your Google My Business listing to be the number one results on maps. If you want to become the go to person in your area, then this is the way to do it.

What is local SEO and why do you want it? Local SEO is simply you optimising your website and online listings to be the number one result in the area you operate in. These searches are “y service in x”, like “web design Meath.” These kind of searches make up about half of all searches on Google. They can be for anything from looking for the best bakery to a plumber you need in an emergency.

Getting people to your site is one thing, converting them to customers is another. For the moment though, lets just focus in on the first point.

Where do I Create My Google My Business?

If you want to add or claim your business with Google My Business, you need to first go to their website. This will ask you to enter some details like your business address, business name, opening hours, etc. Once you have filled out all of their details, you will have to verify your business is real and exists at this address. To do this, Google will send you a code in a postcard for you to verify. However, sometimes they can auto-verify your business without a post card.

Do you really need to verify your Google My Business listing? Yes. Google My Business listing theft is pretty common and it is nearly impossible to get yours back once its been taken. What does this mean for you? Well other people will just simply take your business by changing the contact details to theirs.

This is easily done and there is no legal recourse you can take to stop it once it happens. Google is also really poor at dealing with these issues so they will be of little to no help.

Name, Address, Phone Number and Local SEO

Name, address and phone number is what we call your NAP. Consistency is key when it comes to posting this across the web. Posting it the same everywhere is a must if you want your site/Google My Business listing to perform well locally. It has to be exactly the same everywhere for it to succeed. You can not have any variations or changes in your NAP.

Directories for Local SEO

Listing your business in directories relating to your area are a must to do well. The likes of Yelp or Brown Book help get your NAP on to relevant parts of the internet. You can go even more niche and enter your business into local directories. Some of these are free and others charge a fee but they are useful to help get you over the line.

These directories also come with one more caveat. The description you give your business every time has to be unique, with a new spin every time. If you copy the same thing in every time, you will be duplicating content which Google does not like.

Reviews And Local SEO

Will tonnes of good reviews help you climb to the top of maps? No, but they are a positive in the eyes of those viewing your business. If you are in maps, and are the only company with a tonne of positive reviews then that can only reflect well on you.

If you are looking to boost your local SEO, we at Web Design Louth can of course help you.