What Does Having an Online Shop Really Mean?

online shop

What are the realities of having an online shop? Will you invest lots of money and time into it for to just end up being a waste? Read on to find out what we think about online shops.

With our buying habits moving more and more online, especially with the current pandemic, an e-commerce store is vital. Here are some stats that may convince you that an e-commerce store is for you.

  • According to Oberlo, e-commerce is expected to have grown by 15.5% worldwide by 2020.
  • Big Commerce expects e-commerce to grow 23% annually.
  • Episercer claim 62% of online buyers purchase at least once a month.

Lets get into the details and why we think an e-commerce store could be for you.

Consistent Passive Income

Let your website do the work for you. Do this by just advertising your business as normal and plugging away. Direct people to your website when you see fit and let it do it’s thing. This is a great way to keep your business ticking along.

Increase Your Reach

According to KPMG, the number one reason for people to make purchases online was the fact it was always available for shopping. Reach everyone by using your e-commerce shop, at any time.

Reduce Your Risk With An Online Shop

Starting an online shop and running it is dramatically cheaper in comparison to an actual real, physical one. Avoid paying for rent, insurance, rates, etc you would have with a physical store.

Beat Your Competition With An Online Shop

Many companies are slow to get their act together and move online, so you can beat them to the punch. If you haven’t gotten online yet then the best time to start is now. Getting yourself set up online isn’t that hard and opens you up to far more opportunities.

The benefits of an online store versus a physical shop really shows you what can be achieved with the internet. Take the chance on opening your store and working on your brand to get the jump online.

Even if you have a physical store, you should really have an online store too. It can open you up to a much bigger audience and give you far more chances to make money.

If you want to make the jump into the world of e-commerce, then get in contact with us at Web Design Louth.