Where You Can Find Your Best Blog Post Ideas?

blog post ideas

Finding new blog post ideas all the time can be exhausting. We have a few ways of making it easier for you to create all the time. Consistently keeping your website fresh is a good idea to engage visitors, rank high and overall improve your businesses online presence. See where we get all of our blog post ideas from.

Blog Post Ideas From Google Trends

One of the best places to get content inspiration from is Google Trends. See what people are searching, wondering and thinking of using this tool. It is free for everyone to use and does not even require you to have an account.

It is easy to use, just enter your keyword you are interested in covering and then select your area. Lots of results will load for you, and you will just have to pick one that works for you.

Can You Use Reddit For Blog Post Ideas?

Reddit’s tagline is “the front page of the internet.” Clearly, it views itself as the spot where you can find news and views on everything. What you have to do, is find a subreddit that covers the topics you are writing for and see what people are saying. Write for the topics people are struggling with, are interested and anything else they may need to know.

You can even post to these subreddits with your own blog posts. However, you will have to remember that some subreddits do not allow these practices and will delete your posts.

Quora is Great For Blog Post Ideas

Looking for a user friendly option for a questions and answers site? Well then Quora could be the perfect choice. People have asked tonnes and tonnes of questions, covering just about every topic. All you have to do is find the one that suits you best.

Ahrefs Content Explorer

Finally, a paid tool. Ahrefs is worthwhile however. It works by letting you enter a topic and then gives you lots of relevant content for you to look at and explore. Try different searches, like long tail keywords, similar terms or whatever else can come to mind/

Not only can you get lots of ideas, but you can see what is performing best in the last 24 hours. This lets you get in on trends and keep on top of current trends.

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