White Hat Link Building – A Simple Guide

white hat link building

An obvious way to boost your business is to spread the word of your existence to as many people as possible. With roughly 9/10 searches going to results on the first page, if you are not top of the pile you will be missing out on clients. We have a guide here for you to improve your SERP rankings using Google’s approved methods, also known as “white hat link building.”

Building Links With White Hat SEO

Going a little bit more into what white hat SEO is, the methods Google approve with their guidelines. The opposite of this is black hat SEO, which is the unapproved SEO methods according to Google. They aren’t uncommon and sometimes are necessary.

What does white hat link building actually mean? Well, it is how you get backlinks by using Google’s approved and allowed method. It is the safest way to avoid a penalty from Google. Buying or any other way of getting a backlink goes against Google’s terms of service. Google themselves do not approve of link building, but they are necessary if you want to get anywhere with your website.

How To Build White Hat Back Links

If you were to believe what Google says, the best content will get to the top of the SERPs. From our experience though, this just isn’t true. There is plenty of quality content out on the internet, and so you will need more than that to get to the top. Of course, this is true to a degree, content that’s well written, infographics or video content all perform well. How can you get links though? Read on to find out.

White hat link building with SEO

Guest posts may not be as powerful as they once were, but they are still worthwhile. You will have to pay for them, which is of course against Google’s terms of service. The best you can do is create a quality email template that you can adapt will get many responses. Most of those that get back to you will still want you to pay for a post though. The only thing you can do is keep writing and contacting people. Soon, one person will enjoy what you create and let you post.

Find Broken Links And Fix Them

An easy to gather backlinks is to find links on other websites that are broken and redirecting them to your website. You need to find links to posts that cover a similar topic as yours and use your or create content to fill the gap. Get in contact with the website with the broken link and tell them this is the new link they need for the website.

If you get in contact with the website in good faith then you can succeed. Usually people will not like these kind of issues on their website, and once you have made them aware they will change it for you as long as your email is well written and so is your content.

Interact With Similar Bloggers

Engaging with blogs of a similar niche to yours with genuine comments can help you build a rapport. Use a tool such as Ahrefs to find content creators similar to you and see where their links are coming from.

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