WordPress E-Commerce Solutions?

wordpress ecommerce solutions

Finding the best plugin for your WordPress e-commerce store is not easy, and is vital for when it comes to designing your website. Overhauling a website that you have built and are not satisfied with wastes both time and money. Read on to see what we think are the best e-commerce plugins for your website.

What is the first thing you must consider when designing your website?

Customisation Options

What freedom does the website allow you? You need to be able to design freely and create something you are happy with. This comes down to personal preference. Picking a template you like and putting your own content in could be enough for you, or you may want something a little bit more free like a custom builder.

What Payment Options Do I Have?

Most plugins will work with the bigger name payment gateways, however if you have one in particular in mind make sure to check it will work with your WordPress e-commerce solutions

As standard, most plugins will come with a few payment gateways, but what else can you add to this? Consider how your clients may like to pay and use this as a factor in your decision.

Is the Plugin Easy To Use?

It is all well and good having a plugin that can let you do a tonne of stuff. However, if most of this is beyond the reach of your skills and knowledge, then what use is it to you? Be sure that you can use the plugin you choose for your site.

Can you Easily get Support for an Issue?

Are you experiencing some sort of bug or issue you can not fix yourself? Well then you need tech support to come and help. Make sure the plugin you choose has quick and effective tech support to keep your website up and running.

What Other Features Does Your Plugin Have?

What else does your plugin let you do? Can you add other payment options or other customisations to your web shop?

What WordPress E-Commerce Solutions Are There For You?

WooCommerce E-Commerce Solution

WooCommerce is the most common WordPress solution there is. If you are looking to sell anything online in any shape or form, WooCommerce can do it. With WooCommerce you open up a lot of opportunities as regards customisation. You can use one of the many templates available to you, or go your own way and design with a page builder.

WooCommerce has tonnes of add-ons and is completely free in its base format.

Shopify E-Commerce Solution

A little bit different to the other plugins as it is kind of separate to WordPress. Pay a monthly fee to use Shopify and you get an easy to use and maintain e-commerce solution. No need to think about having an up to date SSL cert or payment gateways.

Easy Digital Downloads

Are you selling something that is available for download only? Well, then Easy Digital Downloads can work for you. It is easy to use and manage and can be added to your website without much fuss. This will let you get your product online and live very quickly,


If you are looking for a plugin with everything you want built in and ready to go, then BigCommerce could be the option for you. Easy to integrate into WordPress, it allows you to keep everything you could need in one place.

Are you looking for a WordPress e-commerce solution to make your website something special? If you want an e-commerce store built for you, then we here at Web Design Louth could be the option for you.