89 People Miss Covid-19 Vaccination Appointment

One in five of those booked in to get their vaccination on Tuesday the 18th of may did not arrive for their appointment. None of these 89 due to get the jab informed the HSE they would not be available. Imedla Munster, a local Sinn Fein TD said that such actions were unfair on others waiting to get their jabs, however she says their could have been some sort of miscommunication that caused the issue.

“There is a feeling that because it was such a high figure in one day, there may have been some communications error. People did not get notified for one reason or another,” said Ms Munster.

“If that is not the case then people who do not wish to get the vaccine just have to cancel their appointment well in advance.”

Currently, people in their 40’s are able to register for the Covid-19 vaccine. This age group will start getting their injections at the end of this month, and continue on into June.

Nphet recently reported 503 new cases of Covid-19 in the country, with covid hospitalisations at 101 and ICU making up 38 of these.

Drogheda has seen a walk-in test centre open, and extend it’s stay by a further three days recently. This test centre is located in Bolton Street in Drogheda and is open to anyone and everyone not showing symptoms, no appointment is required to get tested. Those looking to get tested must bring some sort of ID as proof of identification.

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