Drogheda Walk-In Covid-19 Centre

The HSE are expanding upon their current Covid-19 walk-in centre. The current test centre at Bolton Square Car park, Bolton Street, Drogheda will continue to operate for another 3 days. The service is appointment free and is open Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th from 10am-6-m, and Monday 11am-7pm.

The operation will be managed by the HSE based in the North East in conjunction with Louth County Council. The aim is catch asymptomatic cases and stop the spread of Covid-19 in the Drogheda area.

The North East HSE have come to this decision based on the current situation in Drogheda. Outbreaks have increased due to meetings in homes and increased close contacts.

Doctors have said “Drogheda is a key example of how a community positively responds to a crisis, as it is evident that protecting the public has been the people’s number one priority. We can continue this positive response by availing of the free walk-in COVID-19 test centre, avoiding social mixing and large indoor gatherings, working remotely where possible, wearing masks, socially distancing when in contact with others, and washing hands frequently.”

Doctors have emphasised that this is an opportunity for the public to avail of a free Covid-19 test and reduce the level of transmissions in the area.

The Mayor of Drogheda, Kevin Callan, welcomed the decision. Saying he himself had gotten tested and would encourage the people of Drogheda to avail of the service.

In recent weeks, the HSE has urged people to limit the amount of close contacts. The HSE are concerned about students of St. Joseph’s Secondary School and Sacred Heart Secondary School missing their exams.

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