Dundalk FC Secure Crucial Win

Dundalk managed to grab a 2-0 victory over St. Patrick’s Athletic on Friday night in Richmond Park.

Dundalk took a 1-0 lead in the 32nd minute with an own goal for from St Pats’ Sam Bone which was quickly followed by a second from David McMillan.

The game began as a cagey affair with both teams feeling each other out. It wasn’t until former Dundalk man, John Mountney, put a shot just wide for it to open up. Dundalk took their time to warm up, with their first chance coming from a Patrick McEleney freekick.

After leaving empty handed in the past five league visits, the Dundalk men needed a win. St Pats were 11 points clear of Dundalk going into the game and crucially occupying a European spot.

Dundalk took the lead in the 32nd minute through St. Pats man, Sam Bone’s, deflection. The move began with McEleney passed the ball on to Patrick Hoban who then tipped it on to to Michael Duffy who returned it to McEleney. McEleney laid the ball up for McMillan who nailed the ball towards goal, only for it to take a massive deviation from Bone and into the net. Dundalk 1-0.

A quality moved rewarded Dundalk with the lead, and the club’s four big men linking up was like a flash back to the good old days for the club.

It only took six minutes for the half to begin for Dundalk to double their lead when McMillan turned home a cross from Hoban. McMillan wasn’t only scoring goals, but stopping them too as he blocked a near sure fire St. Pats goal. The 60th minute brought another near save from Andy Boyle.

St. Pats seemed to loose their edge after this and the game petered out for a Dundalk victory.

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