Dundalk Students to Take to National Stage

Two student’s of St. Louis Secondary School, Dundalk are set to appear on TV this week as part of National Bike Week.

Rhiannon Dolan and Eman Derouiche participated in an interview on the 20th of May that is set to broadcast on RTE News2Day as part of National Bike Day. The pair were questioned by Alison Mooney on their future in the sport and their participation in the campaign.

Both Rhiannon and Eman were chosen to take part in the #andshecycles campaign, organised by Green-Schools. The campaign focuses on encouraging women, in particular teenage girls to cycle more. It hopes to do this by explaining the benefits of cycling while also being aware of the deterrents some women encounter while partaking.

Green-Schools have cited a variety of reasons as to why women feel uncomfortable cycling. The usual issues such as danger on the roads and aggression from drivers as well the risk of harassment and peer pressure were given as reasons.

Green-Schools is trying to change this perception in a variety of different ways like video, social media and educating students. They hope by confronting fears and worries around cycling they will encourage more people to take to the road on their bike.

The students themselves have already taken to the programme wholeheartedly, already securing a bike shed from An Taisce. First years have also expressed their excitement at the prospect of cycling on their way to school for the new year.

Joining in on the effort, a track has been cut into the playing field at Dealga, where off road cycling events will take place every Friday night organised by Cuchulainn Cycling Club. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has followed the upward trend in St Louis. The school has a long history of initiatives and participation at a national scale.

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