6 Website Blog Tips To Get You To The Top

6 Website Blog Tips To Get You To The Top

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Have you created a new website blog and are looking to make a strong start? Maybe you’re one of the many bloggers out there looking to boost your website. Whatever your reason, we know what it takes. Read on to see our 7 tips for you to make your blog beautiful and better.

Utilise Clear Typefaces

If people struggle to read your content than what’s the point of having it online? Exactly. Follow these few typeface tips to avoid any issues.

  • Your font size should be at a minimum of 16px, this will keep it clear and easy to scan.
  • Use typefaces people are used to, web safe fonts are you best bet.
  • Don’t use overly intricate or strange fonts, these aren’t easy to read at all.

Keep Your Website Blog Content Tidy

Make moving around your blog easy to do by keeping the content tidy and focused. At a minimum, your website should talk about and only talk about a single topic. Covering too many categories will dilute your blog and make it useless to everyone.

Going even further into this, your website blog content should be categorised. Figure out what niche topics you cover and go from there. Organising like this makes it easier for visitors to understand your blog’s content.

Have A Resource Area For New Visitors

Avoid repetitive posts or emails by creating an area for new users to get up to speed with your website blog. The best reason for this though is to keep people engaged. They can catch up quickly with jargon and engage properly with your content.

This is best if you have a lot of posts, or find you are getting the same questions over and over again.

Create Scannable Content

Writing for a website blog is different to how you would have written for print. The wall of text you would see in a book or write yourself will not work online. This would be hard to read.

Ideally what you should do is write so readers can jump and scan content. Keep paragraphs short, at a maximum of three sentences. Break up this even further with images and headers. Bullet points will also help break up large clumps of text.

Create Fast Loading Pages

A website that loads quickly will lower your bounce rate massively. Ideally, aiming for a page to load in less than 3 seconds. Google Insights will give you an idea of how you are looking.

  • Keep your website light for faster loading speeds
  • Use a host like Site Ground
  • Utilise a caching plugin
  • Use a light CMS and theme

Layout Your Blog

Designing your blogs layout to be easy to move around will encourage people to engage with it. Having it be cluttered and messy will cause people to find it be too hard to move around. Using a grid layout is the simplest way to get your design correct.

If you’re looking for a well designed blog and website, Web Design Louth is the choice for you.