How A Responsive Website Can Better Your Business

How A Responsive Website Can Better Your Business

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The rise of mobile in the past decade has changed how we interact with the web. Given this fact, a responsive website is a must get the very best out of your online presence. Here are the things you need to know when creating your website.

Responsive Websites Are For More Than Mobile

Responsive websites are designed to work on every device and look great. From the biggest desktops to the smallest mobiles, your website must be optimised to look great on them all. The minimum is to create a website that looks good on mobile, tablet and desktop. This gives you a broad coverage for a minimum amount of effort.

Every Device To One Address

Until recently, maintaining two sites was the way of getting around the responsive issue. However, this is a pretty archaic and uneconomical way of getting around the problem. Instead, make your website responsive with media queries.

Media queries let the website figure out what size device they are on and display the right CSS for it. This saves you time and money as you only have to maintain one site, it also means your SEO efforts are better concentrated.

SEO Needs A Responsive Website

Google has continually put an emphasis on responsiveness in websites. Not having a responsive design will severely limit your search engine optimisation efforts and leave you stuck. Use Googles mobile friendly test to get an idea of how you rate.

With more and more traffic coming from mobile, it is paramount that your business utilises a responsive website. Up your conversion rates, visitors and lower bounce rates with a responsive website.

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