How You Can Optimise Your Website

How You Can Optimise Your Website

optimise your website

Having your website in the best shape possible is a must for it to rank well on search engines. Having a quality website will allow you to reap the benefits of an optimised site, even foot traffic can increase with some basic SEO. Most customers start their searches online, that’s why you need to optimise your website and be at the top of their search.

Optimise Your Website With Speed

If your website isn’t up to date with what the latest algorithm requires, you will inevitably fall down the SERPs. Loading speed is becoming more and more important in algorithms. Use Google Insights to get an idea of how your site is doing and where improvements can be made.

Optimise Your Website With Keyword Research

Researching your keywords is a vital part of creating for the optimised content for the web. Laying a foundation of solid, research based content will have your website in good shape. Look at keywords, search volume, clicks etc in your niche and geographic area. Create content around this search term and you should be set.

Write Optimised Pages

Create content using the keywords you have researched. Use keyword focused content with the research you have done. Create more content by brainstorming other related terms to your keyword. This means you can stretch your content as far as possible and get the most back out of it. Go even further by looking at content others have written and getting an idea of what keywords they are focusing in on.

Create Optimised Website Landing Pages

Creating landing pages that create engagement and ultimately conversions is a must. Optimise your website landing pages by making the function of them clear. Make it intuitive for users to move through the page and, put the keyword front and centre too. Scatter the keyword throughout the content, like it would appear naturally.

Use these four tips to get the very best out of your website and create content that really works. Optimise your website to get to the top of the SERPs and give users the best experience you can. If you would like your website optimised, get in touch with Web Design Louth.