Web Design Typography-What To Be Aware Of

Web Design Typography-What To Be Aware Of

web design typography

When designing your website, typefaces should be at the front of your plans. The written content is the only part of your website where you can say exactly what you want to. Here are some web design typography tips you need to be aware of when designing.

Use An Easy To Read Typeface

People access websites using all sorts of devices, from large desktops to small phones and other handheld devices. This is one of the reasons why picking a correct typeface is so important. Pick a typeface that can work in every variety on every screen.

Do Not Use A Variety Of Typefaces

Having a wide variety of typefaces on your website can be very confusing and abrasive when viewed. The rule of thumb is to utilise one, or two complimentary typefaces on a website. Adding in more however can be too much and leave your site looking poorly designed.

How Long Are Your Lines?

Ling length is something to consider when adding content to your website. Having long lines, or even short ones can really damage readability. The best choice is to aim for about 60 characters. This is the perfect balance between having to be bouncing back and forth and getting lost and confused in a long string of text. On mobile this goes down to about 30 characters.

Web Design Typography Line Spacing

There exists an ideal middle ground for spacing between lines. Over doing it causes content to look broken up, too close and the content can’t be read. Getting the spacing right improves comprehension and clarity. The done thing is that line spacing should be one-third of the character height.

Contrast Text For Legibility In Web Design Typography

Having a text that contrasts enough with the background is vital to keep your content easily readable. Too light and it is invisible, so test what works. Look at it on a variety of devices, from big to small and back again.

All Caps Lacks Clarity

All caps in written content is a bad idea. It slows down the readers speed and limits the ability to scan the text overall. This is due to it appearing like a wall of text to the viewer.

Utilise Standard Web Fonts

Standard web fonts are great for web design typography. The idea of having a website is giving visitors clear and easy to access information. If your websites content appears in a complex custom font, then you fail at the first hurdle.

Great Web Design Typography Considers Colour Blindness

Colour blindness mostly affects mean, up to 8% of them in fact. Red and green are the most common colours that people struggle with. It is best to avoid these colours on your website, especially if you are using them on your CTA’s.

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