Website Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Site Healthy

Website Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Site Healthy

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Maintaining your website is a vital aspect to having a powerful online presence. Regular maintenance ensures you have new content, but also that your site is kept safe and in tip top shape. Read on to see our guide to help you maintain your website.

Plan Your Website Maintenance

The maximum you should leave between giving your website a quick health check is a year. To be safe we would really recommend doing it once every 3 months. This check should be a consummate investigation into your website. Checking everything from your images alt tags to links. Check both the front and backend to get the best look you can into the website.

Check for Website Responsiveness

Look at your website on multiple browsers to ensure it is working and in good shape. Double up this check by looking at it on these browsers on a variety of devices. Do this every 6 months or so to be sure everybody’s happy.

Look After Your Points of Contact

Have a look that all of your forms, social links and mobile links are in working order. One of these being broken could mean that you have lost a lead. This is especially important if you have an e-commerce site that requires shipping and card details be gathered. Check this every 3 months.

Backup Your Website

Regular website backups ensure your website is always prepared for the worst. Backups should be scheduled frequently as they could save you from losing your website and ultimately an important aspect to your business. They will save you if worst comes to worst.

Analytics As Website Maintenance

Use analytics to check your KPI’s and expose potential issues in your website. Look at reports, examine your SEO rankings, etc. to get an idea of where your websites shortcomings could be and where you may be failing. Doing this will keep your SERP rankings high and improve overall website performance.

Monthly Security Checks

Installing and maintaining security software on your website is a great way to keep it safe. This can stop brute force attacks and general attacks on your website. Keep your CMS up to date and all of your data safe thanks to fast bug fixes. Set applications to update automatically, but check your website monthly to ensure everything is okay.

Copyright Notices

Check your copyright notices are in date every year.

Legal Disclaimers

Make sure your privacy policy and other legal documents on your website are up to date and present on all websites.

Website Maintenance Conclusion

Regular website maintenance is a must for everyone who manages a site. Without, not only will your content become dated but your very site itself could be put at risk. If you would like your website maintained, get in touch with us at Web Design Louth.