Why Choose A WordPress Website?

Why Choose A WordPress Website?

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Are you looking for a website but are unsure what CMS you want to build it on? You could go with something easy like Wix or SquareSpace, or even go in at the deep end and get someone to code a website for you. However, what about a WordPress website? See why we think WordPress could be the best choice for you.

Let’s just get people’s first issue with WordPress out of the way-WordPress is for more than just blogs. The variety that WordPress offers is one of the reasons people love it so much. WordPress currently makes up about a third of all websites on the web. This covers everything from brochure sites to e-commerce and forums.

Download A WordPress Website For Free

Download WordPress and install it on to your domain. This will give you the vanilla foundation you need to start building your site. Or, if you check with your host, they may even have an option for you upload WordPress to your domain for free.

Design Your WordPress Website Without Limitations

People think WordPress is overly complicated and tough to use. This however is untrue. You can build an entire website without ever having to enter a line of code. Create your website by utilising the tonnes of both free and paid for themes to layout your content.

Go a step even further and use a page builder like Elementor or Beaver Builder. Use both paid and free versions that allow you different levels of customisability. The paid versions let you take charge of everything you can, from the header to the footer and with a number of unique options to add to your layout.

Go even further and add a plugin to your website that will add tonnes more creative and custom options to your websites functionality.

WordPress Is Great For SEO

Because of it’s relative light weight construction and multiple plugins, a WordPress website is great for SEO. WordPress code is the sort of short and tidy code that search engines like to navigate and find their way around. This is why WordPress websites are consistently the number one result in SERPs.

An Uncluttered CMS

Easily navigate your WordPress website with it’s intuitive CMS. The dashboard feature will update you with any vital notifications you have to know, like plugins updating, security issues, etc. Easily backup, create pages and navigate your website with WordPress.

A WordPress Website Is A Very Safe CMS

WordPress is very popular and thus has tonnes of plugins to keep it extra secure. WordPress itself is very safe to use and keep your information safe. Double this up with the extra layer of security and you have something that is sure to keep working and be safe for a long time to come.

These are some of the reasons WordPress is our go to for websites and why we think it should be your go to. If you would like a WordPress website, get in touch with is today at Web Design Louth.