SEO Timeframe – How Long Does It Take

seo timeframe

“What is the timeframe for SEO?” This is a question we often get asked when quoting for jobs and speaking to business owners. It is a question that has a 101 answers in reality. There is no exact answer, but there are estimates you can make to give yourself an answer. Read on to find out more about the SEO Timeframe.

We believe the best bet with a client is honesty rather than blinding them with false promises. Telling someone a job will take a few weeks when in reality it could be months is a sure way to cause yourself issues down the line. Having a new website actually be indexed by Google could take months, and the same goes for changing or adding content. If an SEO comes to you with a timeframe of weeks, run, as they are more than likely a hack.

Quick ranking is very rarely possible, but not impossible. Targeting low competition keywords can let you jump to the top of the pile. However, people do not usually compete for these keywords as there is a tiny amount of traffic for them. It is unlikely that these will be of much use to you and your business.

More than likely, any keyword worth ranking for will take time. There will be more people competing for these keywords and they will more than likely also had some SEO done for their website.

What is a Realistic SEO Timeframe Then?

The real answer to this question is complicated but we will give it a go. If the SEO is doing a good job then you should start to see positive results in the 3-4 months. Your SEO should have given you a guideline of this when starting. At 6-9 months the real results should start to show.

The first 3-4 months should have given you enough time to see some results and for Google to have evaluated the site a little bit. Your SEO should have made this clear at the beginning of the project. As a business it is unfair of you to expect results within the first month as this just isn’t possible. You have to let the SEO do their job and get to work.

If you are a business owner and want to improve your SEO, then we at Web Design Louth can help you do just that.