What You Need To Know About Writing SEO Content

SEO content

When we say SEO content, what is the actual meaning of the phrase? Well, it means a lot of things to a lot of people. Some think you just fill your website with keywords, others think it is a sort of veiled magic. What is the reality of it all though? Read on to find out exactly what to do with your content.

When writing for your website, you have a few different ways of creating content. One way is to think of a general topic, focus in on some keywords and create content around this. Or, you can just outright choose other keywords and write for it.

What’s the best option? Well it partially depends on you, but the second choice can leave your content a little lacking and cause high bounce rates.

Is Keyword Stuffing Really That Bad For SEO Content?

Keyword stuffing is when you put as many keywords as possible into your website and just repeat it over and over. This is a very out of date SEO technique that will not work for you. Of course you should use keywords in URLs, headings etc but only where it is necessary. Stuffing will not work and only make it more difficult for you to rank and visitors to your website.

The correct amount of keyword usage isn’t 100% accurate or clear. Currently, the answer is to use the keyword naturally as it would occur in text without cramming it in. For example, in a piece that’s 500 words long, the keyword should feature about 3 times. Similar versions or variations are also a good way to support your keyword.

Where you put your keyword also has effects. Ideally, you should have it once in your URL, once in the intro, once in the meta description, in some of your headings and scratted throughout your content.

What Content Do Your Rivals Have?

See what the top competition has in terms of content and what keywords they are using.. They are head of you for a reason, and this may be down to many reasons other than content. However, having one aspect covered is a sure way to better your rankings.

SEO content is just one aspect that you will have to have to get to the top of the rankings. Links, technical SEO and more all play massive roles in getting to the top of the SERPs. If you are looking to improve your rankings and SEO, then get in contact with us at Web Design Louth.