Using Emojis To Build Your Social Media


To start with what exactly are emojis? They are the images you see in text online. The name comes from Japanese and roughly translated it means pictograph. They have seamlessly become a part of how we communicate with each other in the last ten years.

First created by NTT DoCoMo in the late 90’s, they didn’t enter into the cultural zeitgeist until the late 2000’s. In a space of a few years they went from relative obscurity to, according to Emojipedia, we know send 5 billion images a day. How do you implement this into your social media marketing plan?

Drive Interaction On Social Media With Emojis

What exactly do emojis do on your social media? Well here are a few stats for you to get a better understanding of what emojis can do:

25% more engagement on Twitter
57% more likes, 33% more comments and 33% more shares on Facebook
Brands saw an increase in their emails being opened if they contained an emoji in the subject line, up nearly 50%

Why exactly does this happen?

There is a simple explanation for why this happens. Our brains like to see faces, they help us understand more and communicate faster. We can read an image in as quickly as 13 milliseconds. Emojis also make us feel happier and of course, facial expressions are a universal language. In a time where peoples attention spans are shorter than ever, communicating what you want as quickly as possible is a must.

Use emojis wisely in your social media, they can offer you a great advantage versus just regular plain text. Communicate more effectively and quicker with emojis. If you are looking to boost your social media, then get in contact with us at Web Design Louth for all of your social media needs.