How To Use The Marketing Funnel With Social Media

marketing funnel

The marketing funnel is the basis of every marketing plan ever. It is the name given to the process of getting a person to go from a stranger with your brand or product to a customer. Read on to see how it applies to your business and social media.

The Marketing Funnel Explained

The marketing funnel is simply the name given to these four steps in the buying process. it begins with brand awareness (cold targeting), engaging (warm audience), consideration (warmer), action/purchase (hot). Previously, there were only three steps, however an extra middle stage of consideration was added for social media. Action was also added to the final stage as your objective here isn’t always necessarily a purchase.

What is Brand Awareness in the Marketing Funnel?

Brand awareness is step one in the marketing funnel. It involves raising awareness of your brand to people who have never seen or heard of you before. You can use any social media for this. Paid ads would offer you the fastest results for this and is relatively cheap as paid advertising goes. Your sole objective at this stage is to reach new customers.

Engagement in the Marketing Funnel

This is the second stage of the process and where you start narrowing down your audience. Take the audience who displayed any sort of interest in your product. This could be liking your post, watching a video or even just watching half a video.

What’s the Consideration Stage

The penultimate stage. Your audience have travelled a long way with you and are nearly there. To push them into the final stage, prove to them how good you are. Use the likes of reviews or testimonials to snatch that final action. You could try a different tact and offer them a small discount, like free shipping to really succeed.

The Action/Purchase Stage

Success! You managed to get your audience to the last step. The outcome of this will always be different, going from a purchase to a newsletter sign up etc. If you had a big drop off in the audience numbers then just go back to that stage in the funnel and try get them back

All Funnels are Different

No two funnels are the same. Some can be completed in minutes, others in months. Not everyone will follow the funnel steps, some may never even enter it. This is why you have to always experiment and try new ideas

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