Get Ahead With These Newbie Blogging Tips

blogging tips

Blogging isn’t the same growth powerhouse it once was, however that doesn’t mean it should be ignored by you or your business. It’s not as easy as it once was, but if you write competently and find the proper niche you can make a name for yourself. Read on to see our blogging tips to help you get ahead.

Create Your Blog With An Aim

Great blogs create with a clear intention and aim. They plan content in advance and know exactly when and why it will be posted. This level of clarity and thought can keep you well ahead of the competition.

Know Your Niche

Writing for a niche you know about and keeping to it is the number one piece of advice. If you start straying off into things you are unsure of it will stand out. Content will lose it’s flow and seem stunted.

On top of this you will start to muddy your blog too. Covering 10 different topics at once will damage the reputation and means that viewers don’t really know what your blog is actually about. No one reading a food blog cares for content about cars.

Write For Your Audience

Create your content around the audience you have or want to get. Create a personality for this kind of person and write for them. This makes your content creation easier and ensures you create the best pieces you can.

Post Consistently

When you begin your blog, it is a commitment. You can’t get away with just posting when you feel like it and being sporadic. Whatever posting schedule you have, you have to stick to it.

To help with this create a posting calendar. This lets you keep ahead of the schedule and prep yourself.

Links and Your Blog

If you want your blog to perform well in search engines, links to your blog are a must. To get an idea of where to get links from, study your competitors and see where they are getting them from. At the very least this will create parity between you.

Get in contact with these websites and ask to write a guest post for them. they may charge you for them, but without links your SEO efforts will be squandered.

Blogging and SEO

Good SEO means more visitors for your blog. There are simple things you can do to help with this. Organising your blog in a structured and SEO friendly way is a good place to start.

Develop an internal linking structure and stick to the layout. Correct internal linking means links only go to pages that are relevant to each other.

Creating quality on page SEO is another factor of good SEO. Understanding what this entails will help you create quality, optimised content.

Social Media and Blogging Tips

An active and community orientated social media can be a great asset to any blog. Strong social signals will help in your SEO effort of course. However, it will also help drive traffic from the social media and let you grow your audience more and more

Blogging Tips To Monetise Your Blog

How do you start to make money from all of your work? Well, first off it may not be a lot but could cover your costs of the hosting, domain, etc.

Guest Posts on Your Blog

What if instead of you writing on other peoples blogs, they wrote on yours? You could charge for them to do just that and it could be lucrative. However, it does go against search engine policies, so do so at your own risk.

Blogging Tips Conclusion

Every business should have a blog in our opinion. It helps improve your reach, shows expertise in the area and can be a stream of revenue for you. Follow these blogging tips as a way to help you get to the top. If want even more help with your blog, get in contact with Web Design Louth today.