How You Can Make Incredible Instagram Ads

How You Can Make Incredible Instagram Ads
Instagram is an ever growing social media platform, and this means that Instagram ads are becoming more and more important. They are getting better and better, adding more resources and options by the day. What was once a place for people to post pictures from their weekend has become a serious weapon in every marketers armoury. In 2019, marketers spent $20 billion advertising on Facebook’s platforms so some people must be finding it useful. This ad spend is backed up by companies making a profit from their ads, showing how important Instagram ads are to businesses these days. Read on to find out more about what you need to know for success on Instagram.

What is an Instagram Ad?

To be very basic an Instagram ad is just exactly that. If you are familiar with the platform then you will of course know what they look like and some of the options for you to use when creating an ad. These ads appear with a call to action, or “CTA” that will encourage you to click or interact with the ad. This makes ads stand, with common and normal CTA’s are learn more and shop now appearing and a sponsored ad at the top of the post.

Are Instagram Ads Expensive?

Instagram ads in comparison to other advertising platforms are cheap but prices can vary massively depending on who you are targeting. Of course, you will have to spend some money but this is largely up to you and your budget. On top of this you can use a variety of controls to help keep spending down. Instagram ads can cost as little or as much as you want. There is a minimum spend necessary and this varies based on demand and some other variables. You can control this ad spend using spend limits and bidding strategies.

Varieties of Instagram Ads


Instagram stories are posts that appear for only 24 hours and are then deleted. Story ads appear in-between these posts and occupy the entire screen. They let you have a swipe up feature to let you link to your website or wherever you want to.


These ads look like normal posts you would get in your feed. They allow for a lot of customisations and different post types like images, video, carousels and collections. Like all ads on Instagram, they make use of a CTA’s and sponsored tags.


Have you ever gone looking for new content on Instagram? Then you will more than likely have come across the explore tab. This shows you lots of posts that are tailored to your tastes. Your ads will not appear in this page directly, but they will show if someone clicks on a post and scrolls along.

How to Create an Instagram Ad

When it comes to making an ad, you have two options. You can either boost a post or create a completely new ad in ads manager. To use a boosted post all you have to do is click boost post and follow the steps. You can choose some basic targeting criteria and control how much you spend. Ads manager is a little bit more complicated, but with this complication comes more options for you to choose from. First you need to have your Facebook page connected to your ad account, and then have your Instagram page connected to your Facebook. Once you have done this you can get creating. Get more control over when your ads are shown, who they are shown to and the variety of ads you can control. If you would like to grow your business online then get in contact with us at Web Design Louth today.