Your Domain – 5 Things To Know

Your Domain -5 Things To Know
A domain is an essential part of being online. It is the equivalent of a street address for your website. It is one of the cheaper sides of web design, but can cause you some trouble if you don’t mind it. Read the 5 things we think you need to know about your domain.

What is the Domain Extension for you?

First of all when we say extension, we mean the part that comes after your actual website name. This may be .com, .ie, .eu, etc. As a standard, .com is the most common extension you will probably come across and are never a bad choice. However, picking an extension based on you geographic location is a great idea too. For Ireland, this would be .ie or for the UK,

What Kind of Domains Work Best?

Your domain name must be easy to remember and spell. As well as this, your name must have a relation with what your business does. If your domain is off in this regard it can confuse customers. Avoid adding symbols like numbers, hyphens or acronyms. Consistency and simplicity are a must.

The Best Domains for SEO

This is a side of things a lot of people do not consider when choosing their website name. The correct domain is a powerful tool in your campaign to the top of the SERPs. Think about factors like your geographic position, or search terms that are vital to your business.

What’s the Ideal Length?

When it comes to names length, the shorter the better. Your maximum length is about twenty letters. Your aim here should just be your business name and the extension.

Don’t Lose Your Domain

Losing your domain can be a disaster for a business. Ensure you it is on auto-renew so it updates itself every year. Then, if you ever change your card, update the payment details with your domain provider. Not doing this could not only leave your site down, but someone could buy your website name before you do leaving you lost. The correct domain for your business is vital. Making yourself easy to find can bring in visitors and clients. When buying your domain, you have a lot of options to choose from like, or If you are looking for to build a website, then get in contact with us at Web Design Louth.