The Content Creation Tools You Need to Know

The Content Creation Tools You Need to Know
Creating new, excellent web content can feel like a never ending job. However, we are going to give you a few tools to make it a little bit easier. See our content creation tools that will help you keep your social media on top form.

Canva For Pro Imagery

Excellent still images and graphics can be hard to make or expensive to get made by a designer. Get over both of these issues with Canva.  Using your own images, or some free stock photos provided by multiple providers to the dimensions of all social media posts. You can even do some basic text animations.

Stay on Trend With Google Trends

Use Google Trends for your content creation. You will be able to stay up to date with everything happening in the online world and capitalise on its popularity with relevant content. How does this work? Well, Google Trends let you see the keywords people are searching. This means you can quickly hop on to the latest and newest searches people are making that are related to your business.

Udemy Will Guide You on Your Content Creation Journey

Are you creating content but unsure what you should add? A simple tip is to go to Udemy, and simply search the topic and see what they have to say. This will not only give you a clue of what to write, but also how you should structure the content. They have tonnes of online courses covering every topic that you can use to base your content around. Their table of contents will tell you what to include and what should go where.

Content Creation With Unsplash

Are you looking for a some royalty free images to take your work to the next level or just to fill an empty spot on your website? Well Unsplash is ideal for you. Completely free to use, all they ask is you credit the photographer but this is discretionary. What is the catch? Well, this treasure trove isn’t just yours, everyone has access to it. You may see your images elsewhere in the wild, but is that really that much of an issue for throw away content.

GetResponse for Newsletter Content Creation

Are you looking to create amazing looking newsletters to take your content to the next level? GetResponse can help you do just that. Use their e-mail templates for your newsletter without ever having to code. Let your pieces shine with the easy to use form builder. You can also get an insight into your click rates, open rates and conversions with it too. Although not free, it can really elevate your work. Are you looking to bring your content creation to the next level? Get in touch with us at Web Design Louth.