5 Must Use Social Media Visuals

social media visuals

Are you looking to shake up the look of your social media? We will give you five ways you can diversify your social media visuals and give it a new and vibrant feeling. Keep going to see our 5 social media visuals for you to boost your online presence.

Show Off Your Products

Get your brand out to the world with really strong product photos. It is hard to do in reality, especially without clear branding or voice. However, it can really help drive your business online. It doesn’t even have to be expensive, a decent quality camera phone and understanding of lighting and layout will help a lot. There are plenty of tutorials online to show you how to do it, or of course you can hire a professional.

Use Video Content

Using video on social media can be a really useful and engaging tool at your disposal. Social media algorithms have begun to favour video content more and more. This means your video gets shown more to your followers and thus you get more engagement. Show your viewers new products, your day to day work life or whatever you want through video. You can even edit all of your video using just your mobile.

Use Your Customers Content

Your customers content, also known as user-generated content (UGC), is a really easy way to give your viewers a new view. This can be content shared through your social media or sent directly to you.

Users sharing your content works in many ways – it generates free content for you, spreads your brand to the users followers and also when you share it, it creates a bond with them.

Infographics For Social Media Visuals

Infographics are ideal to both get a lot of information across to your users quickly as well as striking visuals for your social media. They bring together text, graphics and images to give the viewer information. It helps by dividing content up into small, easy to understand bits spread across multiple images. See our best tools to help create social media content with.

Reuse Old Content

It is not easy to be forever creating new content for your social media. An easy fix is to take bigger content you have like blog posts and condense it down into just headlines bullet points. You have already done the work researching this content so you may as well make as much use of it as possible.

Show Viewers What You Are Seeing

Want to show your visitors how to make a purchase on your site or view some content? Record your screen. This is an easy to show people that you have new content for them to see.

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